Quality Assurance
1. Our products shall meet all the technical requirements written in the contract, and execute in conformity with Q/SQ-BOO1-1997 standard; routine modification and maintenance can be made during the run period in the user’s mill till to reach better performance.
2. We guarantee the high quality for the material selection, designing and building of all the supplied electric equipment, devices and controlling systems involved in the contract, and meet the requirements stipulated in the contract. 
3. Within the 12 months after the start-up of machine, we shall be responsible to the proper design structure and quality of materials supplied.
4. We shall repair or replace the deficiencies unconditionally of any components for the machine in case of malfunction within the validity of quality guarantee.
5. The quality guarantee shall not cover the damage occurred by improper operation or ignoring the operation instructions by the user, or violating the maintenance rules, otherwise the incorrect or incomplete rules provided by the supplier.
  6. Within the validity of quality guarantee, we shall not only bear the maintenance and supply charges resulted from design deficiency and improper materials, but also provide the user with a written detailed report describing primary failure and a corrective action proposal.

7. During the validity of quality assurance, in case of deficiencies, whichever occurred in the equipment or the other equipment including components directly and indirectly provided by the supplier, we shall correct the documents, and assume responsibility to the fees resulted from the repair, replacement and supplied materials, etc,

  • Service Commitment:
    1. All of the products supplied by us within or out of validity of quality guarantee, we shall dispatch our service personnel to follow up and track regularly to meet our customers’ satisfaction.
    2. All of the products supplied by us will be provided with on-site installation, or installation assistance, debugging, and such after-sales services as repairing and parts replacement.
    3. In case of malfunction under operation for all of the products and equipment supplied by us, we shall respond back within 24 hours after receiving the user's call and fax, a
    nd seek best solution, alternatively dispatch service personnel for troubleshooting on the spot.
    4. In case of equipment damage made by the user, we shall also manage to tackle the problem on request according to the above Clause 3, and shall charge the cost for the replaced parts if necessary.
    5. By conforming to ISO9001 standard, we shall set up equipment documentation for users, and keep all the record files.
    6. In case of failure for equipment parts or components, please contact us immediately, we shall suppose solutions for troubleshooting and notify the buyer timely.

    Note: exact warranty terms will be determined and finalized by and between the supplier and buyer.