About us

About us

Shashi Light Ind. Machinery Co., LTD.  (SLMC) is a hi-tech professional manufacturer & supplier of papermaking coater and finishing equipment in China. Since its inception in 1965, by technically cooperating with China National Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Light Industrial Hangzhou Machinery Design Research Institute and WEMET Paper Equipment Co., Ltd, it  has been keeping the leading place in coating & finishing industry in China.

Backed with the state-of-the-art coating, hot air drying and soft calender technologies introduced from VOITH, BMB and METSO(3500/600mm coating technology introduced from VOITH, Austria; hot air drying technology from BMB, Switzerland; 6000/1000mm coating technology from VOITH, Germany; Crown controlled roll technology from METSO, Finland; Soft calender technology from METSO, Finland, etc), SLMC has developed  combined doctor air wing drying coating production line, doctor steam drying coater, high speed light weight coater rod, high speed film transfer sizing & coating devices, single/double nip soft calenders, and  provided over 200 sets of  special coating, white board (card), art board (card) and other equipment to the customers, in addition, carried out technical reconstruction & innovation of equipment, and offered proven supporting facilities for the papermaking projects in China.

With a total asset of more than RMB1.2 billion, SLMC now has 301 employees including 61 engineers who have abundant expertise to offer you efficient and reliable tailored solutions. Equipped with complete set of machines, such as deep hole drilling machine, 6-meter T6913C floor type boring and milling machine, 10-meter MK84100×100 CNC roll grinder, 12-meter NC flame plasma cutting machine, 13-meter dynamic balancing machine and test rigs, SLMC has an advantage on casting, forging, machining, cool working, welding, heat treatment and final assembly.

SLMC's products are not only well-received by the customers in China, but  also applauded by the customers worldwide. In 2008, SLMC achieved an annual export sales of exceeding USD11.6M.  By aiming to build and become the largest production base of coating and finishing equipment in Asia,  SLMC endeavors to meet the challenges of today and also exploit the growth opportunities of tomorrow!