In order to enhance the quality and management efficiency, which helps to maintain our good reputation both at home and abroad, all SLMC staffs shall have the responsibility to serve our customers heart and soul. Every company has its own service group. Our group is focused on providing optimum services oriented on the requirements and expectations of our customers, and to develop the best products and solutions for you in our role as specialists.

I. Product guarantee

1. All SLMC products have “three guarantees” in the guarantee period, any part of the equipment need repairing and change due to the manufacturing failure, our company will repair and change for customer unconditionally.

2. The main components guarantee periods are as follows:

① no shrinks and no cracking of the rubber roll surface, its guarantee period is 6 months;  

②the service life of the guide roll bearings is 2 years, and that of drying cylinder is 5 years;
③no leakage, no crack for cylinder itself, its guarantee period is 10 years;
④all guide if crack under normal use, our company will pay and replace for customer unconditionally.

3. If passed the guarantee time, and our customer telephone us or fax us about the problems, we still will give the reply within 24 hours to customer. Help choose the optimum way to solve the problems or quickly dispatch experts to check and service onsite when the quality failure and problems are surely to blamed on us. If the problem is not caused by us, that is customer do wrong to the machine, we will contact the customer in time, if need to replace the components, we will only charge the minimum cost.


II. Installation service

1. The marketing department should make an installation service plan according to the contract, and the comprehensive workshop and technology department should be in charge of the execution. Instructive installation usually need 1~3 persons, and contracting installation usually need 5~10 persons.

2. If the customer has done all the preparation for installation, our company should dispatch experts to their site in time. After installation, we have two customer feedbacks “product after-sale service survey” “customer comment survey”, which will be signed by the principle of our customers. Each table will be in duplicate, one is for customer, the other will be taken back by installer to marketing department for filing.

3. As for the quality problems in installation, the installer should take record carefully. And the quality department should check all the problems, dignify the causes, the responsibility, the loss, settlement of claim and related suggestions, and make a written report to the Management Department, who will decide which department is in responsible and quickly take the compensation methods to settle down the problems.

 III. After sale service

1. The after sale service should take the petition registration institution (the petition contents includes the visitor, fax, telephone, the installer’s feedback information, etc), Record the customer’s suggestions and complains on the “after-sale registration book”. Then according to the petition, we should pass on the information inside our company, discuss and give out the suggestions, file the original document for reference.

  2. We should make a specific plan for every product service; one product should have a specific responsible person. He should be in charge of the total service.

  3. We have customer service communication letters. When the product starts to be delivered to the customer, our  project manager should email the communication letter to keep in good cooperation with the customers.

  4.  The responsible person for after sale service should make a file for the product, and take the charge of product installation and commission for total service, sign for the product delivery, and hand over the customer files and related documents to the marketing department for reference.

  5. All the problems complained by customers, should be reported to the marketing minister and related presidents, and should dispatch the technician to the mill site for service. For the common problem, the technician should arrive at the mill site within 3 days, however, if the problem can be solved by telephone or fax, the technician need not to go to the site. But the solutions and results should be satisfied by customers.

  6. Service workers should have the sense of cost. He must be able to handle the problems by himself, if he can not solve or replace the components all by himself, he should can give out the reasonable ideas, and analysis with related department or persons when comes back to our company, then make a settlement proposal and implement procedures, make every step smoothly.

IV. Tracing Service

  1. All products should establish an equipment archives for each customer as per the requirement of ISO9001 quality system documents, and conserve all the documentary files.

  2. All products, no matter in or out of the guarantee period, our marketing department should dispatch a particular person to trace if there is problem for the equipments, give the satisfactory service to our customer.

V. The installation time

   1. In principle, the installation time for single set of film transfer sizer, blade coater or bar coater will  not be excess 15 days(including mechanical electrical control).

   2. In principle, the installation time for two sets of blade coater and several sets of drying boxes, as well as soft roll calendar will be not excess 30 days.

   3. In principle, the installation time for the whole set of large scale coating line will be no more than 45 days.

VI. Treatment of Special Conditions

    If the customer has not finished the installation work in the stipulated time, and they need our expert technician to guide more, thus they need to consult with our marketing department. The marketing manager will decide to settle down it accordingly.


All in all, our company will keep the principle of “Survival on Quality, Credit on Service, Develop on Faith”, do our best to provide satisfactory products and service to all customers both at home and abroad.